"Meetings with Remarkable People" is an in-depth, investigative interview show broadcast to roughly nine million
households across North America each week. Neither attacking nor defending his guests, host Jesse Stirling creates a platform
where the talent of rising stars and the lure of "alternative knowledge" is broadcast to a mass audience. The show airs 7:30am
Sundays (NST) on Canada's Superstation NTV (www.ntv.ca).


Davide Icke, Author & Consipracy Theorist | Dr. Micho Kaku, Quantum Physicist, CNN Host | Alex Grey, Visionary Arist | Brent Butt, Actor (Corner Gas)
Danny Williams, Former Premier of Newfoundland Labrador | Mark Roesler, Lawyer & Agent | Greg Malone, Actor | Andy Jones, Actor | Ron Hynes, Musician
Allan Hawco, Actor | Alan Doyle, Actor & Musician | Mary Sexton, Producer | Bernie Stapleton, Actor | Brittney Michaelian, Safety Goddess
Dale Jarvis, Host, Haunted Hike | Miranda Squires, Meditator | Jack Canfield | Wayne Dyer | Deepak Chopra